David Dodd
’62, Richland, WA, is retired after a 44-year career in nuclear chemistry. He was hired at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Richland, Washington, to conduct chemical analyses on the quality of cooling water on the last nuclear reactor built and then reassigned to an analytic laboratory that recovered plutonium and uranium from spent nuclear fuel. Dodd established an environmental monitoring organization for the site, and then worked part-time on the design for a laboratory to monitor the vitrification of nuclear waste before fully retiring.     


Frank Tainter
’64, Bozeman, has published 148 research articles, a textbook and children’s coloring books since graduation, as well as served in the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Chile for two years. He received a doctorate at the University of Minnesota, and he credits his tough classes as a forestry major at UM for his success as a professor in forest pathology.


Dennis Meyer
’66, Lakewood, WA, was inducted into the Helena Sports Hall of Fame this past July. An outstanding high school wrestler, he competed on the mat team for the Griz and entered the Big Sky Conference Wrestling Championships in the 1960s.


Rich Moy 
’66, M.A. ’72, Swan Lake, recently retired as a United States commissioner of the International Joint Commission, created by the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty between the United States and Canada. Moy was nominated by former President Obama and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in June 2011. He was the first Montanan named to the commission in its 110-year history, even though Montana borders three Canadian provinces – more than any other state.


Rich Moy