Grizwald, UM‘s cartoon bear. In frequent issues of the Montanan, we provide a drawing of Grizwald that needs a creative, original caption.


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“And the squeal of the pig will float on the—THUMP…GULP…BURP—IN the tummy of the Grizzly bear!“

Meet Grizwald, the University of Montana’s cartoon bear. In the Fall 2014 Montanan, we asked readers to submit captions interpreting Grizwald’s actions in a humorous way. This issue’s winning caption was sent in by SHAWN GRAY ’05, M.A. ’07.

Congratulations, Shawn, you’ve won a Griz stadium blanket.

Stay tuned! In the next issue of the Montanan, a new cartoon featuring Grizwald will need a caption. You could be the next winner!

(Artwork by Neal Wiegert)

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