UM Launches S.E.A. Change Initiative

UM effort commits to promote societal change that empowers all women


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Women attend a rally in support of suffrage in the 1900s.
Women attend a rally in support of suffrage in the 1900s.

In 2020, the U.S. will mark the 100th anniversary of the full ratification of the 19th Amendment, which granted women equal voting rights.

S.E.A. Change: Safe. Empowered. Accelerated.

As the 19th Amendment centennial approaches, UM launched the S.E.A. Change initiative, a commitment to powering a societal sea change that promotes the safety, empowermentand acceleration of all women. The initiative renews UM’s commitment to removing barriers that prevent women from leading empowered lives and society from benefiting from these talented and determined women.

As part of the movement, UM also re-launched the Women’s Leadership Initiative, a yearlong leadership training and network building program housed within UM’s Maureen and Mike Mansfield Center. The program is supported by Missoula Federal Credit Union and private donors.

“We are far from finished with the work that began over a century ago when courageous women fought for suffrage,” President Bodnar says. “This work starts at home with our own students and employees.”

The goals of UM’s S.E.A. Change initiative include highlighting equity for all, making visible and elevating existing efforts that drive positive change, amplifying existing efforts through new collaborations, using data to help UM better understand its context and needs, and implementing and enhancing new programming, as guided by the community.

We invite our readers to learn more about S.E.A. Change, get involved and follow progress at

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