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Anna was named Montana’s 2014 Teacher of the Year. (Photo by Michael Gallacher/Missoulian)

Anna Baldwin M.A. ’99, Ed.D. ’12, Arlee, was named Montana’s 2014 Teacher of the Year by the Montana Professional Teaching Foundation. Anna, who has taught on the Flathead Indian Reservation for fifteen years—the last eleven in Arlee —will serve as an ambassador for public education and attend several national events, including a trip to meet President Barack Obama.

Anna earned a bachelor’s degree in literature from Georgetown University, taught English as a second language in Nicaragua, and went on to earn her Master of Teaching and Doctor of Education in curriculum and instruction at UM. In 2011, she won the Distinguished Educator Award from the Montana Association of Teachers of English Language Arts, as well as the Arlee School Staff of the Year Award. She was one of five educators in the nation to receive the Southern Poverty Law Center’s 2012 Teaching Tolerance Award for excellence in culturally responsive teaching.

The cornerstones of her teaching methods are “high expectations and cultural responsiveness,” Anna tells the Missoulian. Students of her Multicultural Literature class worked in teams to create a spoken word, photography, and music project representing their interpretation of UM Associate Professor Debra Magpie Earling’s novel Perma Red and then posted the finished product on YouTube.

Anna says she wants to use her award to celebrate students and colleagues, and to “cut through the negative rhetoric surrounding education issues and the demoralizing treatment of our profession with resoundingly positive, supportive, and constructive messages.”

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