Severely Underrepresented

Although women represent about half the population, we are severely underrepresented in many of your recent issues.


I am a UM alumna, graduating in 1968. Yes, that was a long time ago. When I became a student there in 1964, dress codes prevailed for women but none for men, stricter curfews for women than men, and women had to live at home or in the dorms, but men were free to live in off-campus apartments. Women gradually freed themselves from those patriarchal standards, but the Montanan continues to limit the contributions of women writers and articles about women.

Although women represent about half the population worldwide, in Montana, and at UM, we are severely underrepresented in many of your recent issues, especially the Fall 2014 issue. From a close look at this issue:

  • The three features are written by men, about men.
  • The Notable and Quotable section speaks of the contributions of eight male professors, names in bold typeface, and zero women. This is perplexing, to the point of being shameful.

In comparison, the articles with a focus on women are minimal, and no one claims authorship. The single-page interview with Paige Williams is not a featured story, but a part of the Around the Oval section.

How can this be? Your editorial team is composed of four women and one man. Your
Advisory Board has equal men and women. I, for one, will appreciate a more balanced approach to your content.

Jean K. Stromnes ’68

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