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Don't Forget Smokey

I recently read an article on the Pearl Jam concert held in Washington-Grizzly Stadium. You have probably already been corrected that there actually now have been five concerts in the stadium. The first concert was May 1988 and featured Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. I have seen some of the articles that described it as a huge failure. Leading up to the concert, the weather had been very poor and it was announced that the event would be moved into the Harry Adams Fieldhouse if there was rain in the forecast. This undoubtedly had an impact on attendance. For those of us who did attend, it turned out to be a beautiful day, and Smokey was outstanding. One of my greatest concert memories!

Don Milken ’88
Liberty Lake, Washington

Editor’s Note: Don, we appreciate you alerting us to the omission. The Montanan apologizes, and we are crying “The Tears of a Clown.”

Gianchetta Was Great

As a former faculty member (1980-2004) of the UM College of Business, I read with pride the article about the college’s 100th anniversary. However, I was disappointed by the author’s failure to appropriately acknowledge the role played by former UM College of Business Dean Larry Gianchetta.

Modest as he is, Giancheta always has been reluctant to toot his own horn, but as his associate dean for 17 years, I saw firsthand all the hours and efforts he put to initiate and nurture the many programs and activities that served as a framework for much of the success business graduates highlighted in the article. He was the one who moved the college into what we called “experiential learning” – thus the development of the entrepreneurship program, the success of the Ruffatto Business Plan Competition and the growth of internship opportunities for students.

I know that current UM College of Business Dean Shook, along with the college’s outstanding faculty, will sustain and hopefully enhance all of these student opportunities. However, let’s not forget to recognize that Larry Gianchetta was a dominant force in making the college what it is today.

Bob Hollmann
Green Valley, Arizona


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