50 Years of Oval Sidewalks


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This coming 2018 summer will be the 50th anniversary of the all-grass Oval at UM being torn up in the summer of 1968 to make way for the brick walkway. I don’t know if you people are aware that before fall 1968 the Oval was all grass. Anyway, I was a student at UM working a summer job for the Physical Plant, and it was my crew that tore up the sod from the Oval to make way for the coming walkway. Looking back on it from 50 years, it seems like a big deal now. At the time we were just young students, and it was our only summer job. The full-time employee who worked for UM and was the head of the Physical Plant was named Thor or Thorwalden, if you want to look this up. Anyway, I thought this fact was at least worth a letter to you.

Louis Bonini ’69, M.A. ’71

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