Where's Your Griz Been?

UM alums show their Griz pride around the world


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Do you have a photo of yourself wearing Griz gear in an amazing place? If so, send it and a brief description to themontanan@umontana.edu. Winners will see their photo published in the Montanan. To be considered, photos must be in focus with the UM or Griz logo clearly visible.




GREAT WALL GRIZ. Three generations of Grizzlies share their Montana pride 50 miles from Beijing, China. Pictured are (front left to right) Patty Holmes Myers ’70; Madison Baroch, UM Davidson Honors College student majoring in elementary education and member of the UM Cheer Squad, and John Baroch ’95. Pictured back are (left to right) Jake Baroch, UM Davidson Honors College student majoring in genetics and evolution; Christine Myers Baroch ’92, and Marcia Holmes Yury ’62.


UM alumni on the Great Wall




GRIZ DIG. Chris Unkel ’69, packed his Griz gear on a recent trip to the Gobi Desert, Mongolia, chasing dinosaur fossils in the footsteps of legend American explorer Roy Chapman Andrews.


Chris Unkel




GRIZ THE WORLD OVER. Diane Williams Rankin ’79 recently visited the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, with her family. On her way home via Paris airport, Rankin heard “Go Griz!” from another Griz-gear wearer, only to board the plane and hear the same thing from a flight attendant, who shared she was a Montana girl.


Taj Mahal




COWBOY GRIZ. Nolan Taber, 7,  shared his Griz pride while he rode out the coronavirus at his grandparent’s ranch in southwest Montana. Taber fed cows, branded calves, learned to rope and searched for muskrats.

Nolan Taber
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