Dick Cheney Shot Me in the Face (and Other Tales of Men in Pain)

By Timothy O’Leary
Unsolicited Press, 2017, 252 pages, $16.99


You’ve heard about the hunting incident where former Vice President Dick Cheneyshot a man in the face. But what if that wasn’t the only time it happened? In the titlestory of this irreverent, humorous and heartfelt collection from UM businessgraduate Timothy O’Leary, we meet Henry, who gets shot in the face by Cheney. It’snot anger that overcomes Henry, but a sense of guilt for not warning the next victim.The story earned O’Leary, a former advertising executive who later earned hisM.F.A., a finalist nod for the Mark Twain Award for Humor Writing.

Book Cover: Dick Cheney Shot Me in the Face
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